Gastvortrag von Frau Professorin Mia Fuller (UC Berkeley): "Inertia Memoriae. Italy's Ubiquitous Traces of the Fascist Era (1922-1943)"

Gastvortrag von Mia Fuller (Gladyce Arata Terrill Distinguished [Associate] Professor of Italian Studies, UC Berkeley) im Rahmen des „Berkeley-Greifswald Research Fellowship“

Much scholarly discussion of how totalitarian architecture and symbols have been handled as “heritage” regards the German, National Socialist case. But Italy’s case is quite different with many land- and city-scapes remaining densely marked by Fascism. Such is the case with the Pontine Marshes area, which was shaped by land reclamation and mass resettlement in the 1930s and still holds strong Fascist associative memories. How to deal with such “heritage”?

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