Prof. Dr Holger Schulze (Copenhagen): The Implex: On Transforming the Seemingly Irreversible in the 21st Century

Public Talk in the Joint Lecture Series “Irreversible – The Manifestations of Change” (summer term 2022)

The future seems finite. Futurist concepts of how our lives might be conducted seem, in recent years, largely to rely on existing techno-utopias of the early to mid-20th century. Concepts such as "exploitation culture" (Yusoff 2018), the "Californian ideology" (Barbrock & Cameron 1996), as well as an unabashed praising of a "vectorialist class" (Wark 2019) are today still shaping most of the utopian visions circulating in contemporary, networked societies. In his lecture, Holger Schulze, Full Professor in Musicology at the University of Copenhagen and Principal Investigator at the Sound Studies Lab, proposes a potential way of leaving this cul-de-sac of techno-futurism. It takes its start from the outlined techno-futurist present into much more complex, largely paradoxical requirements for transformative economies that align with the current UN goals for sustainable development. In order to achieve these goals, this talk employs a concept from Paul Valéry as a feasible figure of thought and trajectory of development: the implex.

Organisation and moderation
Verena Liu, Arne Segelke, Torsten Veit, Alexander Waszynski

Programme (PDF)

The lecture will take place as a hybrid event. 

If you want to follow the lecture online via Zoom, please contact us at

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